The history of the iphone: not just the initial development cost of 150 million US dollars

2013-10-06 「 1689 words / 3 minute 」
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在新一期的《纽约时报》杂志上,Fred Vogelstein有一篇iPhone创造的必读故事。
Fred Vogelstein has a must read story on the creation of the iPhone in the New York Times Magazine.
It's chock full of great little details, and you absolutely should read it. Here's one of many little nuggets from the story.
According to a senior Apple executive, the company likely spent over $150 million to develop the original iPhone.
Considering how important the iPhone is for Apple, this seems like nothing for the company to spend. But, it's still a fairly big number.
Apple invested more in the iPhone than money, though, reports Vogelstein. It also put its best people on the project.
“公司很多顶尖的工程师被吸进这个项目,迫使其他工作的时间表放缓,” Vogelstein说。如果iPhone无用,它会使整个公司陷入危机,因为这是其唯一真正在做的事。
"Many top engineers in the company were being sucked into the project, forcing slowdowns in the timetables of other work," says Vogelstein. If the iPhone were a dud, it put the whole company at risk because this is the only thing it was really working on.
And choosing top engineers caused a rift within Apple. The iPhone was a top secret project.
Andy Grignon,一个负责iPhone无线电的硬件工程师告诉Vogelstein,“每个人都知道公司里谁是摇滚明星,当你开始看到他们都慢慢退出你的区域,在一个玻璃门后面的大房间里,而你却进不去,那感觉糟透了。”
Andy Grignon, a hardware engineer in charge of the radios in the iPhone told Vogelstein, " Everyone knows who the rock stars are in a company, and when you start to see them all slowly get plucked out of your area and put in a big room behind glass doors that you don’t have access to, it feels bad."