The teacher God's Child

2013-10-08 「 729 words / 1 minute 」
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A preschooler asked his mother, "Mom, tomorrow our teacher is going to ask who my father is. What should I say?"
The mother said, "Just tell her that God is your father!"
The next day, the boy went to school, and the teacher asked him, "Who is your father?" Scratching his scalp, the boy could not find an answer to the question.
老师再问一次:“你爸爸到底是谁?”那个小孩就说:“我本来认为我爸爸是史密斯先生,不过昨天我妈妈又说我是另外一个人的儿子, 我一下子忘记他的名字了。”
The teacher asked again, "Who is your father?" The child confessed, "I used to think that Mr. Smith was my father. But yesterday my mother told me that I am the son of another person, and I cannot remember his name!"