Those fables that gave me wisdom and courage 10: Plaything and lose one's will

2014-01-02 「 2894 words / 6 minute 」
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This is a very well-known story that teaches us a lot about using our time wisely.
A grasshopper was playing on his violin where the ants were busy collecting food.
“It's the grasshopper again!”they said.“He's always playing that violin of his. He never seems to do any work.”
The grasshopper stopped when he saw the ants.“Why are you working on such a beautiful day?”he asked.“Don't you feel the gaiety of spring? Why aren't you dancing and singing while I play my violin?”
“We must collect food now,”said the Queen of ants.“If we don't, what will we do when winter comes?”
“Oh, winter's a long way off,”said the grasshopper.“You take life much too seriously.”
“But you must work today if you want to eat tomorrow,”said the little ant.“You can play your violin after you have finished working,”said another as the ants scurried busily about.
The grasshopper didn't wish to heed their advice,“Go on with your work, my little friends,”he said.“I'm going to dance in the meadow in the sun!”And so the grasshopper left the busy ants and went on his way, singing.
The spring soon passed and the warm days of summer came. All day long the grasshopper played his violin as he sat in the sun or just slept on a blade of grass. Soon summer was over.
One morning, the grasshopper woke up and was surprised to see that snow had fallen during the night. He shivered and looked for a great leaf for food. But although he searched and searched he could not find a thing. The long winter had come.
“Oh dear, oh dear! What shall I do?”cried the grasshopper,“I shall die of hunger. I shall freeze to death!”
The grasshopper wandered around looking for a place to keep warm but there was no such place.“How silly I was not to listen to the ants. While I am dying of cold and hunger they are sitting in their warm nest with plenty to eat.”
And sobbing loudly, the grasshopper sat down in the snow. The ants heard his cry and as they were really kind creatures they came hurrying to help him.
By this time the poor grasshopper was frozen stiff. The ants picked him up and carried him to their nest.
They looked after the grasshopper until he felt better and spring had returned again. Never did the grasshopper forget the lesson he had been taught.