"Micro-love is getting better", I am sorry that my personality is so cute

2015-01-19 「 2933 words / 6 minute 」
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在最近的卖座电影《微爱之渐入佳境》中,香港女星Angelababy饰演了一位通过微信随意约会的姑娘。而片中与她约会的男人(陈赫 饰)本打算如果对方长得不如意就逃跑,不想出现在他面前的姑娘直接美出了他的想象力。
In recent box office hit Love on the Cloud, Hong Kong star Angelababy goes on a blind date with someone she meets through WeChat. Though the man decides he’ll run away if the woman doesn’t look as expected, he’s shocked to discover she’s prettier than he could ever imagine.
Obviously, the key to this story is an abnormally pretty face, and few actresses can compete in that department with Angelababy, who has long been described as a beautiful goddess.
Angelababy started her career at age 14 as a model before going on to star in about 20 movies. For a while, all the public knew about the star was that she was beautiful and was dating Huang Xiaoming. However, the 25-year-old has surprised audiences with her “anti-baby” toughness in popular TV show Running Man.
作为节目中唯一的常驻女嘉宾, Angelababy却没有像我们预想的一样以花瓶角色出现,而是和男嘉宾一起挑战各种艰难的任务。节目中,她曾与男嘉宾角力,曾在泥坑中匍匐。为了完成任务、赢得比赛,她拼尽全力,毫不顾忌自己在荧幕上的形象。甚至好几次,她都素颜出镜。不做女神的她,面部表情夸张、肢体语言丰富,却赢得了观众们的喜爱。
As the only regular female on the show, the nymph-like Angelababy competes in difficult tasks against male competitors. In one game she’s required to wrestle with men, and in another she must crawl through a pit of mud. She goes all out to complete the missions and score a win, paying little attention to how she appears on the screen. She appears in the show without any makeup on several occasions. Her exaggerated facial expressions and gestures, despite not being becoming of a goddess, endear audiences.
“Angelababy was a surprise choice for our cast. She may have been a sweet cover girl and sexy heroine before, but now she is a superwoman with guts and responsibility,” Running Man’s chief producer Yu Hangying told Sina.
In an interview with Tencent Entertainment, the actress revealed she’s actually a tomboy, just as we see on Running Man. Her favorite thing to do outside of work is to stay home and play games like League of Legends, though co-star Chen He said on a Youku talk show that Angelababy is still a total noob.
As reality shows have been popular for China now for a decade, perhaps audiences are more willing to warm up to stars that aren’t otherworldly but instead exhibit genuine character and a down-to-earth personality. Whether she’s simply catering to her audience or being true to herself, one thing is for sure — Angelababy’s tough-girl schtick is being well-received by fans.