Big European banks need to raise more capital

2015-02-26 「 1975 words / 4 minute 」
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欧洲央行(ECB)单一监管机制(SSM)主席达妮埃莱•努伊(Danièle Nouy)预测,打击各国资本金规定特例意味着,欧元区一些最大银行将需要筹集更多股本。
Some of the eurozone’s biggest banks will need to raise more equity because of a clampdown on national exceptions to capital rules, the eurozone’s chief banking supervisor has forecast.
Danièle Nouy told the Financial Times that banks would have to raise more and better quality capital as a result of her new agency’s drive to harmonise more than 150 national variances in capital rules. Fresh legislation from Brussels is likely to also be needed, she added.
“Some banks still have to get more capital,” Ms Nouy, a former French central banker appointed last year to head the European Central Bank’s Single Supervisory Mechanism, said in an interview on Tuesday.
“It’s not so much about how much [capital] it’s about the definition of capital. There are too many, in my view, national options in the definition of capital in Europe and we have to address that. [ . . .] We may have to go to the legislature, to the European Parliament, to ask for more harmonisation in regulation.”
在她发表这番言论之前,今年早些时候,欧元区银行进行了筹资活动。今年1月,桑坦德银行(Banco Santander)通过隔夜售股筹资70亿欧元;银行业人士表示,这在一定程度上就是为了应对单一监管机制提出的增加资本金的要求,尽管这家西班牙银行否认这点。
Her comments follow capital-raisings by eurozone banks earlier this year. Banco Santander raised 7bn in an overnight share sale in January, which bankers said was in part to cope with increased capital demands from the SSM, although the Spanish bank denied this.
Eurozone banks have recently been given updated capital targets by the SSM, which call for them to strengthen their balance sheets based on the results of last year’s ECB stress tests and asset quality review.