One hour less sleep is equal to 200 calories

2015-03-12 「 981 words / 2 minute 」
One hour less sleep is equal to 200 calories.jpg
You might think skipping an hour of sleep to hit the gym will result in weight loss。
But new research suggests changing your sleep routine can cause you to pile on the pounds。
Sleeping for even one hour less a day causes us to eat more than usual, according to a study。
And an extra hour - as unlikely as that may be for many of us - also has the same detrimental effect.
Researchers looked at figures from 342 teenagers and analysed their sleeping habits. On average, they slept about seven hours every night。
However, when the amount of time teenagers slept varied by just an hour - either less or more - they ate, on average, an extra 201 calories per day。
This is the equivalent of a bagel or two scoops of chocolate ice cream。