Classic science fiction literature: "Basically Harmless Mostly Harmless" Chapter 5 7

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'OK,' said Tricia. 'Right. What is the problem that your leader says you have?'
'I beg your pardon?'
'Astrology is a very precise science. We know this.'
'Well…' said Tricia, then left it at that.
'But it is precise for you here on Earth.'
'Ye… e… s…' She had a horrible feeling she was getting a vague glimmering of something.
'So when Venus is rising in Capricorn, for instance, that is from Earth. How does that work if we are out on Rupert? What if the Earth is rising in Capricorn? It is hard for us to know. Amongst the things we have forgotten, which we think are many and profound, is trigonometry.'
'Let me get this straight,' said Tricia. 'You want me to come with you to… Rupert…'
'To recalculate your horoscopes for you to take account of the relative positions of Earth and Rupert?'
'Do I get an exclusive?'
'I'm your girl,' said Tricia, thinking that at the very least she could sell it to the National Enquirer.
As she boarded the craft that would take her off to the furthest limits of the Solar System, the first thing that met her eyes was a bank of video monitors across which thousands of images were sweeping. A fourth alien was sitting watching them, but was focused on one particular screen that held a steady image. It was a replay of the impromptu interview which Tricia had just conducted with his three colleagues. He looked up when he saw her apprehensively climbing in.
'Good evening, Ms. McMillan,' he said. 'Nice camera work.'