Panda Train starts experimental journey

2021-03-26 「 1264 words / 3 minute 」
Panda Train starts experimental journey.jpg
Heading to Zunyi, Southwest China's Guizhou province, Panda Train with a capacity of 252 seats has 12 carriages, including one super soft sleeper, two advanced soft sleepers, five advanced hard sleepers, one dining carriage, one multi-function entertainment carriage, one caravan carriage and one power generating carriage.
Compared with common trains, Panda Train is equipped with safe and smart electronic lockers, intelligent service system, long sight-viewing table, song ordering service, audio-visual entertainment, USB charging device, constant temperature shower system and other user-friendly service facilities.
To meet individualized demand, the train can also provide tailor-made services, including afternoon tea party, themed song party and cocktail party.
Panda Train's first trip from Chengdu to Zunyi, scheduled to start operation on March 28, will take 3 days and cost 1,280 yuan ($195.99). Passengers can enjoy accommodation, food and scenic spot tickets services.